Monday, May 18, 2009

going thrifting

I have recently discovered that not only having a baby is expensive but also awaiting the arrival can be too! Maternity clothes as most of you know are not cheap...but they can be if you know where to look! Thanks to the girls I work with, I ventured out the other day to check out a maternity thrift store. The clothes mentor. Located on Henderson Rd. in Upper Arlington if any of you mothers to be would like to save a buck or 250! No joke they had "like brand new" everything maternity there, including diaper bags like the one you see here. This was my true find of the day by far. A simple black Kate Spade diaper bag, (the exact one I have always wanted) once overly priced at Nordstrom for over $300!!! I bought it at the thrift store, looking better than new with a changing pad and everything for whopping $40!!!!!!!!!!! It made my day, one of those meant to be things that only happen when you are paying attention. Good luck to any moms looking to thrift through their pregnancy. FYI there is not just maternity stuff..everything they carry is in perfect condition. Shoes, purses (high end ones too), coach wallets, jewelry, channel sunglasses and so much more. Don't think you will be walking into a Saks or anything but for a thrift store it is for sure a diamond in the rough!

Our new appliances!

We just made our first big purchase for the house yesterday..our appliances. We can't wait to use them and see them in our new kitchen!!!! our new over range microwave
our new dishwasher for all those dirty bottles!

our awesome new french door/freezer bottom fidge (even a temp/humidity control for the crisper and deli compartments)

my personal favorite... our new gas range and convection oven!!! I can't wait to use it and cook like a food network chef!!! it even has a warmer compartment unerneath! amazing!!!

week #3.. getting closer to the remodel

edging flower beds, mulching, a new mailbox and painted shutters do wonders for curb appeal!
I worked outside a lot while Nate destroyed the basement. my new rose is called "peace"and it smells wonderful. I put it by the front door to greet our many visitors we will have this summer!

my flower bed under the front picture window... so far

I worked on priming the trim in the dining room while Nate destroyed the piano

kitchen is ready for the contractors to start. AWESOME job Nate!!!

the piano has bit the dust thanks to Nate and his sledge hammer

Nate tore down walls, tore up floors, and opened up a new doorway for our storage room!

our new storage room doorway, access from the laundry room

storage room doorway from the laundry room side

week #2 more destruction/construction

Nates soon to be office in the basement
a storage room in the making......minus the piano

Nates preparations on starting to frame in a doorway we don't want in the master bedroom

the basement carpet up and paneling coming down

replacing basement stairs

the kitchen getting to bare frames and one level of flooring up

Nate worked on his own to destroy this entire kitchen and drywall over this kitchen window

dining room carpet and tac strips up. drywall kitchen/dining window....done!

Destruction day!

Nate hard at work..
Nate pulled up 2 huge bushes for me to plant some flowers and herbs

our new patio table

notice the painted shutters.... much better huh?

our new "cottage" outdoor light fixtures

our dandy dump trailor... what a life saver!

the bathroom getting to nothing but bare frames and subfloor

where the tub used to be......

Mater bedroom carpet up..... check!

the kitchen... a work in progress

Officially homeowners!

Most of you already know but on April 29, 2009 Nathan and I officially became home/property owners! We are so excited, and overwhelmed with the task that is before us. Nathans grandpa Harold passed away in March and left his home willed to Nates mom and Aunt. They were very generous in selling this house to us. Nate was more excited than I was at first (the eternal optimist that he is) but, I have come around since the demolition has begun! It seems to be so much work to do and so little time (moving in at the end of June with everything finished). Nate assures me everyday that "it will get done". I didn't believe him 3 weeks ago but today I do. My husband is a machine when it comes to destroying a house!!! Give him a sledge hammer and he goes crazy! We feel everyday that goes by we don't get much accomplished. However, the pictures you are about to see have been taken over the last 3 weeks of our progress. After seeing the changes in pictures we are starting to feel good about our (mostly Nates) hard work! Enjoy.

Our new home (before construction)

the scariest part of the house the basement "bathroom"

basement, storage, and laundry rooms

bedrooms, living room, and nursery

the bathroom

soon to be dining room

our lovely kitchen

our backyard

front of the house