Monday, April 16, 2012

evie is 5 month

Evie is growing so much so fast! This month she is rolling over from belly to back and back to belly. Sometimes going quit a distance if I leave her alone too long! Em helps her momentum just a tad! Speaking of her older sister... I do believe Evie has no feelings as far as pain from Em goes. Emmalyn loves her very much and most days just plays so well with her, making Evie laugh out loud and reading to her. Randomly Em will bop her on the head, smack her stomach, pinch her nose or cheeks, try to feed her things she shouldn' get the picture. Typical sib rivalry! Evie never sheds a single tear though. She just goes about her buisness as if Em is not even there! I have a feeling Em will get what's coming to her eventually. Evie is becoming quit a brute! She's got short chunky thighs and has been filling out a lot lately! She has discoverd her feet. She is still sucking her thumb and fingers most of the time. Last week we switched back to the Dr. Browns bottles that we used with Em due to Evie's gas, fussiness, and refusal to sleep! It work! She has no gas, she is not fussy at all, and has been taking 3, yes 3 naps every single day and sleeping through the night since we switched!!!! Yeah!! I had a dream the first night that God told me my little storm was over...showing me a dark, windy storm out my bedroom window and just like that turned to a bright sunshining day! So far, it is true! Our house stays pretty busy and Evie is the perfect addition. She is just as active as Em if not more! Look out world! The Sharp girls have arrived! Oddly enough I see them conspiring against me already! Em does something rotten and Evie just laughs hysterically (of course making Em do it even more!) Prayers are always appreciated! Hahaha!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Genevieve's 4 month appointment

Well no surprise...we have another "tiny" on our hands!! Eves is 12.12 lbs (10th percentile), 1 ounce less than Em at this age! Length 24 inches (10th percentile), 2 inches shorter than Em was! Head circumfrence 16 inches (10th percentile) same as Em at 4 months! Hey, at least she is proportionate! Ha!

Everything else is looking great! We were glad because we suspected an ear infection because she will go 3 days straight with no naps!! Nope, her ears are fine and the Doc says she just doesn't need a whole lotta sleep! Great! Another active lady! Well, it'll keep my going I guess!