Friday, February 26, 2010

Ready to crawl

how cute is this?!

...well, almost. Emmalyn is holding her head up so well these days that this is now how we find her after waking up from her naps. It is so cute it's almost like she's posing for us! She gets her hands underneath her and her knees bent with feet in the air but she's just not strong enough to get that belly up! She sure gets around her own way though. She's been wiggling so much at night that by the time morning comes she is completely sideways or up in the top corner of her crib! Our little goofy girl sure is a mover and a shaker! She just makes us laugh and smile more every day!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010



Monday, February 22, 2010

Emmalyn's new toy

Last week we went to get Emmalyn her new exersaucer. She is holding her head up very well and has been very observant lately. With the 4 month marker fast approaching we thought it was time to introduce something other than the play mat and swing! She seems to really like it most of the time, pulling and pressing on all the toys that make noise. She is so cute playing in it with her little feet barely touching the bottom. We can't believe she is already to this stage! She gets more fun every day with all her new things she is learning to do!

almost done...

Well, we finally got our bedroom wall up and the repainting done. We put up some new trim but didn't get to the crown moulding yet. We are saving that for when the warmer weather comes. We are much happier with our new bedroom. Nate is happy with his drywall and I with the new paint shades! We have a few more things to hang on the walls and of course we still need closet doors but other than that we are finished in this room.... we hope!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

fresh pasta

Here is my beautiful, delicious, and amazing bowl of homemade fettuccine alfredo! Thanks to mom and her pasta maker I had a very tasty meal for lunch! Between the fettuccine today and the doughnuts from yesterday I am sure the scale will add 5 pounds to me!!! Hey, you gotta treat yourself every now and then right? Thanks for teaching me to make my own pasta mom! p.s. There is NO comparing fresh to dried pasta!!! My fettuccine was the best I've ever had! (a little help from mom and Giada De Laurentis) :)

Our Valentine's Day!

my beautiful tulips that Nate brought home for me
Emmalyn's valentines
our yummy heart shaped doughnuts
Em wearing her hearts

Emmalyn reading her valentine card from daddy :)

Our valentines day yesterday was a great one! We woke up with Em at 7am and Nate ran out to get doughnuts! He came home with heart shaped cream filleds in honor of the day! I must say they were quit delicious! We had agreed not to get each other anything but Nate tricked me and got me a card and some flowers. He also gave Em a valentine card! I put the card in front of her on her swing so she could see all the red colors on it. Next thing I knew she had picked it up! I guess she couldn't read it from far away! We started painting our room while Em napped and later Pa and T came over for a visit. We watched the Olympics of course and then Mom taught me how to make my own pasta! It was the coolest thing I had done in awhile... lame I know but it really was fun! We cooked up some last night and I got to keep some fresh fettuccine for later to use as I wished. All in all it was a great valentines day, especially because Em slept 10 hours last night! Hope you all had a special day! Lots of love to everyone!!!! XOXO

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

La tee da

"This could be a fun game."
"getting bored"
"Not as much fun as I thought it would be."

"Someone save me! My mommy has officially gone bananas!!!"

We have been stuck inside, just the two of us for days! Last Thursday was the last time poor Emmalyn got a break from me! I think we are both starting to get a little bored! Here are a few shots of true evidence that the number of things to do indoors with a 3 month old are very slim! I hope this storm breaks soon!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

remodeling a remodel!

The wall before it was all destroyed!
how things were done in the 1950's
Emmalyn helped too!!! (hey dad, does Nates shirt look familiar?) thanks for the hand-me-down
He's got all the tools he needs!

O yes, that's right... remodeling a remodel! Who would have guessed less than 1 year of owning our own home and remodeling it we would be back to doing the same thing again?!!! There was a wall in our master bedroom that Nate just couldn't stand to look at anymore! One early morning last week we decided it was time to redo it once and for all! He began by destroying the wall he didn't like and proceeded to move on to other things as well. We are now getting our ceiling re-mudded around our light fixture, new trim and crown molding. Since the room was being destroyed anyway, I decided I didn't like the paint color we originally picked either! Call it a pregnancy brain flub on my part. As Nate proceeded to tear down the wall we discovered a somewhat odd, old way of putting up an add on. Nates grandpa had the master bedroom added on when Cathy (Nate's mom) was born. They obviously took the easy way and just plopped up a room right outside the old exterior!!! When Nate tore down the wall he found the exterior of the old house! What a weird surprise! He was going to try to get fancy and do something like tear it all apart but I put my small but firm foot down and said NO WAY!!! These pics are the beginning of the process. We will post as we go and give you a look at our finished product... (if it ever gets done!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3 months old!

Well, we have made it to our first milestone! The pediatrician and many others tell us that things get easier when baby hits that three months! Emmalyn is already a great baby (despite her refusal to take naps and the constant need to be held.) Some say we have spoiled her with too much holding and now we will never break her of it. I don't mind for two reasons... 1. it sure does take it out of you physically and mentally but I secretly love it and 2. I have a strong feeling this child is strong willed enough that if one day she doesn't want to be held she will have no problem letting us know!!! We weighed her a few days ago and she had hit 12 lbs. She is getting so big! She is continuing to smile, laugh, talk, and giggle when we tickle her face! More dimples seem to appear each week! She is simply the greatest blessing and we enjoy her more and more every single day!!!!