Friday, January 28, 2011

baby time out

Emmalyn has quickly become or maybe looking back always has been a girl who knows what she wants! We have been struggling with her at meal time, throwing food across the room and laughing at the word NO! Sadly, we have had to start smacking her little hands when she does things she knows she isn't suppose to. Typically one would think this would work after the first few smacks. Not with this child! She doesn't seem to be fazed at all! I truly believe the quote "it hurts you more than it hurts them!"
Emmalyn indeed is a strong willed child and not only do we know it but her doctor picked up on it as well! He advised us to start doing 1 minute baby time outs every time she doesn't respond to "no!" 1 minute being 1 minute per age.
We set up her pack and play with no toys or books in it for her "time out box." The other day when we set it up she was more than thrilled with trying to get in it and play! I said to Nate.."you sure this is the best solution?" We decided to try it out!
Firm discipline started yesterday morning and she has probably been in time out at least 10 times already!!!! Laughing, jumping and playing while she is supposed to be feeling punished!
I know you all are probably laughing hysterically, (especially you mom) and it is hard not to laugh at her but if anyone out there has some words of advice, we would greatly appreciate it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


How sad is that little face? If you look closely you can see a tear running down her cheek! Aw, it would like to of killed me! The 12 month (a tad behind) doctor visit was today! I braved it and went alone. NEVER again! O my! As most of you know you have to wait forever to see Pediatricians (no offense to an unnamed relative). Well, Em had to get 7 shots today! 7! It was not pretty folks! Especially since they had to test for lead poisoning (due to an old home) first, followed by shots after. We had already been there for 45 minutes when Em finally received her first round of torture. The toe pricks didn't seem to bother her but the band aid on the toe did! Go figure. She cried and screamed bloody murder and to add to it the nurse took another 20 minutes to come back with the rest of the shots! I could do nothing to console or distract her. I truly wanted to step out in the hallway and ask if there was ANYONE available RIGHT NOW to give Em the rest of her shots! She had been uncontrollably screaming since the nurse walked out. Finally, the nurse came back and I tell you I have now seen what real crying looks like! After the first shot in the leg Em was red in the face and was so worked up she couldn't breath! This gives me anxiety just recalling it! I told the nurse to hurry and get it done!! She got 2 more shots in the opposite leg and by then Em was soaked in her tears and gasping for air. We sat her up and she began to dry heave! Most of you know Em vomits quit a bit...well, it's a good thing she didn't eat or drink much because if she had we all would have been covered in puke!! You can imagine my concern for my poor baby! After several more dry heaves and realizing nothing was coming out, I looked over at the nurse who was in shock and said "you ready?" I think she didn't know what to think of all of this drama! Poor lady! First shot in the arm...more dry heaving. Second arm shot... gasping, coughing, gagging, and more dry heaving! "Lord help this child gain some composure for my sake and the poor nurses sake" I thought!
I've never seen a person move so fast to leave a room than that nurse did today! I was crying and laughing at the same time on the inside. Em proceeded to cry and choke all the way to the car. After realizing she wasn't calming down I fell apart myself. Imagine it, both of us crying all the way home! Pathetic is all that comes to mind now! She finally cried herself to sleep as we pulled onto our street!
What a day we had and it was only 11:30 am!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The little things

Emmalyn and I were stuck indoors all day today! I kept checking the weather to see if it would be safe enough to go out but I didn't want to risk it. Besides, sometimes a snowy day inside in your pj's is just what you need!

Most people that know me well know that I'm a home body. Since Em has been born I have been struggling with trying to change that. I desperately want Em to experience all the fun, educational things she can. Sometimes I feel like I am just not doing enough. Especially since most of her fun and educational times happen at 508 Reese Avenue!

Thankfully, God is always there to comfort you and remind you of what is really important! My favorite little calendar (a gift from mom about 17 years ago) had a quote and verse today that did just that.
It reads... "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and discover they were the big things."
Whatever glad in the is good for you to hear it again and again Philippians 3:1

Today so many of those little things happened that my heart found pure joy and happiness in! From Emmalyn quietly playing in her tent putting Mr.Potato Head together, to feeding herself her yogurt for the first time, to building things with building blocks, to Em reading to me, to me reading to Em, to playing peek a boo under a "co co", to laughing hysterically at the snow (??), to splashing like crazy in the tub, and finally to rocking Em to sleep.

I encourage all you moms (dads too) to sit back from the crazy life we all lead and just enjoy the "small" things!

Monday, January 3, 2011

14 months!

14 months + Emmalyn = ROTTEN!!!
Yes indeed, we have our hands full! Emmalyn is becoming extremely independent and ornery! "No" to Emmalyn means keep doing it and laugh hysterically while your doing it! Pulling the cats tail, getting into cabinets, pulling on curtains, playing with dirty diapers, throwing more food than she puts in her mouth, trying to jump off the bed, crawling up the stairs when we aren't looking, and so much more!!! This child is on the go all day long! She is teething so she doesn't seem to want to eat much. Most of her food is still pureed. Her nap is usually about 2-3 hours long... our only saving grace! ha ha!! She is still sleeping through the night about 12 hours (from 8-8 typically.) She is getting very long legs but is still very tiny? Her 12 month clothes are still a little big! She was almost 18 lbs last week when we weighed her. It'll be interesting to see her percentages when we go to the doctor at the end of the month(a little late on her one year appt.)
All in all her sweetness out ways her rottenness (most days.) She loves to give kisses to nearly everyone, including the cashiers at the grocery store! She loves to snuggle with her stuffed animals and her blanket, that she calls "Co Co" (short for cozy cozy.) Her vocabulary and signs are expanding. We have mastered the "more" sign but are still working on "all done" and "thank you." She jabbers all day long! She seems to know what she is saying but we sure can't understand a thing. She particularly likes to talk to herself in front of a mirror!She loves to brush her teeth,especially with Mommy and Daddy's tooth brush! Gross, I know! She is also extremely interested in putting things together. The other day we gave her one of her bottles to put together and she played all day with it!
She is keeping us on our toes but we love every crazy minute of it!