Sunday, December 7, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

The snow sure did come down over the weekend here in Ohio! It was quit beautiful to see the big flakes coming down. I was calling it "movie snow" to everyone. Nate had to work a 48 hour shift this entire weekend so Sam and I enjoyed it together. She really loved watching the snow fall, and the bright sun we woke up to on Sunday morning! I had to do some shoveling too, it was a good workout I must say! What a pretty weekend!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday Decorating

It is a tad early, but I guess we are that household that just can't wait. We spent the entire day decorating, listening to Christmas music, and drinking hot chocolate. It was the best time!!! Sammi helped too.

The First Snowfall!

Well, it's that time again and for us today it meant something else.... Decorating our tree! Nate promised the Sat. after Thanksgiving we would put up the tree OR the 1st snowfall so that's what we did today.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Imagine if...

Thanks to Hay and Rich the Sharps have stepped back in time as well... circa 1966-68. Nathan wouldn't let me publish the best picture of him, I can't imagine why he got so offended when I was laughing incredibly hard for five minutes straight! hahaha! Anyway thank you Ash family for the website and an evening of laughs(at least for me). Enjoy our yearbook pictures!

Friday, November 7, 2008

our BBQ bit the dust

After many great barbecued dinners this spring and summer our poor little fiesta grill finally is on it's last leg!!!

The racks have rusted or burnt through (maybe a little of both) and it literally crumbled just moments after these pics were taken!

I guess we will be in search of a new grill SOON!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

our niece the genius!

Sophie loves to take pictures, and when I got my camera out at our sleep over she of course wanted to take pictures of everything!!! Well, last night before bed I erased all the horrible pictures of me, Nate, and a bunch of things we couldn't figure out. I must have had my back turned when Soph got ahold of the camera again because much to my surprise after we returned home from dropping her off there were some very interesting, and I must say a little genius, pictures on my camera. Nate nor I have any idea when or how she did this but check out these pictures.... I took the picture of the entire coffee table just to show you how detailed this little girl is. The rest of the pictures were taken by her, in order from one end of the coffee table to the other. Pretty amazing huh? In the EXACT order! Kinda artistic pics too I think!!!

Sophs sleep over

Well, Soph had her 2nd sleep over at her aunt Heidi and uncle Nate's yesterday! We had so much fun... like always! Unfortunately with the 50 degree weather and chilly wind we have been having we didn't get to do much outside. We did get to visit the ducks and give them some dinner though. Soph recognized the difference between the mallards with the green heads and the female ducks. It was so cute. She discovered one of my old favorite t.v. shows the Bernstein Bears aka "teddy bears". She loved them! We made some Halloween cookies and watched the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with uncle Nate. We had flavor ices and read 8, yes 8 Mercer Mayer "Little Critter" books before we all headed to bed. I had to go into my baby box downstairs in storage to find those books... I thought we were doomed but we found them. The most fun of the night was the hour long bath tub time. We don't have cool toys at our house yet but I always seem to find something in the kitchen for Sophie to play with in the tub. Before her bath time she had whoops.. pooped in her pull up twice in 1 hour! After the second poop clean up I decided it was definitely bath time!!! Sophie laughed at her own "poop flake" swimming around in the tub from a crusty, poopy butt! hahahaha!

Monday, September 22, 2008

my resurrected hobby

Well as most of you know I do like to dabble in the paint from time to time. This is my newest painting that is hanging above our bed. My creative juices have been flowing lately so if you are reading this and you are a part of the Knisley christmas exchange be prepared for some art if I get your name! haha

Slumber party!

This past week was Sophies first slumber party with her auntie Heidi. We had so much fun! We went to joanne fabrics to get some crafts and shop. Sophie picked out some halloween masks of a pumpkin and a frankenstein. We got some paint and some brushes and after about an hour of finding stickers, books, toys, and playing in the feather boas we headed to the house. We painted our masks out on the patio after we fed the ducks in the pond. Soph wanted to paint the pumpkin so I took the "monter" aka frankenstein monster. Soph took a good nap and as promised we headed to the covered bridge park in pickerington after she woke up. Soph got to slide for hours! She tried the swings but after taking a tumble backwards and laughing she was done with swinging. We took a walk over to the covered bridge where we tried to find some bullfrogs, we didn't hear any and Soph told me "they napn". We had a very fun filled day and after a hilarious bath time we watched sleeping beauty and ate sherbet. Soph slept all night through and woke up the next morning wanting to go back to "Nates farm" (the park) again with uncle Nate. She got to slide for a few hours and she even got to show uncle Nate the bridge with bullfrogs, which were still napn'. Soph eventually had to return to mom and dad and I cried for 3 hours after we came back home without her! No joke! (poor Nate) haha. I miss her very much but I'm sure we will be having another slumber party very soon! I love her and she is one of the greatest joys in my life!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day at the zoo

Today Nathan and I decided since we were out (unexpected trip to the dentist) that we would make the most of the beautiful day and go to the zoo. After the dentist I was not suppose to eat or drink for a half hour so... Nate decided we would eat at the zoo! (BAD IDEA). We got there noticing many new, nice changes. Zoombeezi bay was now there and the opening gate to the zoo entrance was remodeled since our last trip. We shortly were in search of some food (after all it was 1:30 and we had not eaten since b-fast at 9). All I truly wanted was a soft pretzel... we searched high and low, between many animal exhibits and found nothing of the kind. We settled on charleys steakery thinking it would be ok. WRONG! It was the next best thing to "street meat" yuck! Nate ate the sammi and I had some of his fries (thinking, I'll just get some ice cream later). We walked around and saw all the animals, skipping the north american exhibits... we see those all the time. Nates favorite exhibit was monkeys and my favorite thing was an Australian tree kangaroo. He was sooo cute! He looked like a stuffed animal eating what appeared to be a hot dog. There were many "new arrivals" including the silver leaf monkeys who's babies were bright orange! So, so, so cute! He had just been born on august 8. Several of the monkey families had babies; some we got to see and some were hiding. The fishing cat had kittens too. After several hours of a lovely day at the zoo, I was starving and ready to hang up the flip flops. Sorry there are no pictures, had I known we were going I would have brought the camera along. Next trip to the zoo will be for the zoo lights.... I will be sure to bring my camera along! ps. I never got my ice cream either!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nothing exciting!

Well it is safe to say that married life has been quit uneventful! After looking at our blog today realizing we have no posts since june we have come to terms... we have got to stir us up a mess of something! haha! Stay tuned for more excitement! HOPEFULLY!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kiawah Island trip

Well, we have just returned home from the Kiawah Island trip with mom and dad Knisley, the Sikora family, and the Ash family. We had sooo much fun with everyone! Heather and Jeremy are moving away to New Mexico in July so it was great to have spent some time with them and little Annie Claire. Sophie was also a blast! We are finding ourselves talking "Sophie language" today! The house mom and dad got for the week was great! We played many games of boccie ball and even built a sandcastle. On Wednesday the boys took a fishing trip and caught at least 100 fish! Nathan caught a 4ft, 40lbs king mackerel fish! We had some of the trout the next night. It was d-lish! Thursday, Nate and I went into Charleston to do some touring. We both enjoyed the market and looking around as usual. We also saw a couple neat historic homes. The week went by fast and we had such a wonderful time! We have to say though... there really is no place like home!

Monday, May 26, 2008

A week with Annie Claire

I spent this past week watching my 3 month old niece Annie. It was so nice to be with her for a few days alone. Heather (my sis) went back to work for the first time since Annie was born so I was asked to help out in the nanny department. I have to say it beat my day job by a long shot! I loved every minute with her! She's just starting to laugh and smile a lot. She liked to sing twinkle twinkle little star and most of all loved to eat! She is such a great baby and my sister and brother in law(Jeremy) are so lucky to have her and see her everyday! I am so blessed to have not 1 but 2 beautiful nieces. Sophie is my other niece, who is 2. She's sooo funny and is just learning how to say just about everything. She keeps us all in "stitches" all the time! Nate and I love them both so
much, and can't get enough of them!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Wedding

MAY 3, 2008 Our wedding day was amazing!!! We were married at mom and dad knisleys home in Bainbridge. It rained and rained for most of the morning and afternoon. Around 1:00 the sky started to clear and the sun came out.... like we knew it would. After much work outside to prepare for the day, it all came together by 4:30 for a perfect (somewhat windy) wedding day. The food was great, the decorations were just as we wanted and the cake was delicious! (Thanks to Erin Lloyd-Allsop from the cake kitchen). Dad and mom prepared most of the food with help from Nathans mom Cathy who made the chicken and mini cheesecakes that everyone loved! Nate isn't much of a cake person so she wanted to contribute a "grooms cake" for him. The menu of roast beef, corn, new potatoes, and finger snacks were also delightful! Our attendants were my 2 beautiful sisters Heather (matron of honor), Hayley(matron of honor), Stef Duckworth, and Andrea Colatruglio (bridesmaids). The boys were, Aaron Williams(best man), Kris James, Jason Sharp(Nates bro), and Matt(Heidis bro). BJay Daily was the officiant and we couldn't have asked for anyone better! He did an amazing job! All in all the day was perfect to us and we will always remember and cherish it forever.

The fun begins!

Welcome to our blog! This is new to us so hopefully our page will get better as the months go on. We were just married on May 3rd! We are now living in Reynoldsburg in a lovely little condo. We just got back from our honeymoon in Sanibel Island, Fla. It was FABulous!!!! We slept, beached, and ate out everyday. It was sooo much fun! Now we are back to the everyday life and we have to say that the first week of married life has been great!!!