Thursday, October 23, 2008

our niece the genius!

Sophie loves to take pictures, and when I got my camera out at our sleep over she of course wanted to take pictures of everything!!! Well, last night before bed I erased all the horrible pictures of me, Nate, and a bunch of things we couldn't figure out. I must have had my back turned when Soph got ahold of the camera again because much to my surprise after we returned home from dropping her off there were some very interesting, and I must say a little genius, pictures on my camera. Nate nor I have any idea when or how she did this but check out these pictures.... I took the picture of the entire coffee table just to show you how detailed this little girl is. The rest of the pictures were taken by her, in order from one end of the coffee table to the other. Pretty amazing huh? In the EXACT order! Kinda artistic pics too I think!!!

Sophs sleep over

Well, Soph had her 2nd sleep over at her aunt Heidi and uncle Nate's yesterday! We had so much fun... like always! Unfortunately with the 50 degree weather and chilly wind we have been having we didn't get to do much outside. We did get to visit the ducks and give them some dinner though. Soph recognized the difference between the mallards with the green heads and the female ducks. It was so cute. She discovered one of my old favorite t.v. shows the Bernstein Bears aka "teddy bears". She loved them! We made some Halloween cookies and watched the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with uncle Nate. We had flavor ices and read 8, yes 8 Mercer Mayer "Little Critter" books before we all headed to bed. I had to go into my baby box downstairs in storage to find those books... I thought we were doomed but we found them. The most fun of the night was the hour long bath tub time. We don't have cool toys at our house yet but I always seem to find something in the kitchen for Sophie to play with in the tub. Before her bath time she had whoops.. pooped in her pull up twice in 1 hour! After the second poop clean up I decided it was definitely bath time!!! Sophie laughed at her own "poop flake" swimming around in the tub from a crusty, poopy butt! hahahaha!