Friday, August 26, 2011

back to blogging!!!

We have rejoined the blogging world!! Nathan fixed the problem with our blog and I am so, so, so far behind I don't know where to start!! We have had so much going on lately. We have spent time with family, had a lot of "firsts", remodeled our basement bathroom/laundry room, found out that our new little addition is going to be a GIRL, and so much more!!
Em has been talking up a storm lately and every day brings something new. It is such an exciting time just watching her grow into her own little person with a big personality!! She has about a million expressions and does just about anything to get a laugh. She can communicate very well to get what she needs or wants. She is speaking in sentences and seems to understand just about everything we explain to her. She has been sleeping in her big girl bed and room for about 2 weeks now and seems to enjoy it. The only hard part is getting her to go to sleep at night.
The pictures are from her eating her first s'more at Pa and T's earlie this summer, getting her first taste of popcorn, playdates with my mom's group, helping daddy out with baby Ellie, enjoying time with her cousins, and just hanging out being Emmalyn.

I will post about the new bathroom next with pics that I know at least mom is dying to see!

Hopefully the blogging from the Sharp house will be on a regular basis now!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

does it work