Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Here's Emmalyn all bundled up for the frigid cold weather! She actually seems to like the cold. She loves to see the snow on the ground first thing in the morning! However, I don't think she loves her new puffy coat! She gets mad if we leave it on her and strap her in the car seat! Nate says she looks like the kid in "The Christmas Story" with her coat on! It's so big, her arms get stuck out to the side and she can barely move! hahaha! It's so funny but soooo cute!

Friday, December 3, 2010

13 months!

Where did November go? Emmalyn is 13 months old today and is looking and acting more like a toddler everyday! She is becoming more ornery, silly, and rotten! Now with her new haircut, the baby look is fading. She is faster and sneakier than ever as well! She knows 100% what she is allowed to do and NOT allowed to do! She will become very quiet and you will hear a tussle in the Christmas tree from the other room! When I say "Em you better not be in that tree" I go and see that she is and she will be shaking her head no with a Christmas ornament in hand! This child keeps us laughing all day long! She is climbing the stairs but is not walking yet. She is cruising around things very quickly and standing on her own but as soon as she realizes it she plops right back down! She loves to be chased and tickled! She laughs all day long and has about 20 different facial expressions. She is now riding in her big girl car seat facing forward. It didn't seem to faze her in slightest. I thought maybe she would like it better and be excited but no, not so much. She still sleeps in the new car seat just as much as she did in the carrier. Nap time has become "chat for 45 minutes then crash" time. She is sleeping from 9pm to 8am lately and taking about a 3 hour nap. Her ear infections have finally cleared up so we are grateful for that! She is our tough little cookie.She never cries when she's hurt even if whatever it is gives her a goose egg! I think it hurts me more than it hurts her! Ha! She is just a pure joy! Selfish as it may make me sound this is the first Christmas that I have said "I have everything I could ever need or want" and actually MEANT it! Emmalyn has made our lives so wonderful! Ornery grin and all!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One snowy day

This was our first snowy day this year in Lancaster! We enjoyed it by doing some fun thing indoors. First, Nate went out to gather some snow for Em to eat! She enjoyed it very much! Then, Nate and Em took a 3 hour nap while I addressed our Christmas cards. Next came our favorite... taco night! Em actually did try some black bean and cheese quesadilla I made her! Yeah! After clean up we played and gave Em her very first haircut! I was so nervous to cut those curls (afraid she would lose them all) but as you can see her hair seems to be curlier now! Her bangs were in her eyes all the time and today she was constantly trying to push them off her face. We decided it was time!
She did not like her hair being cut at all! She was fighting us off and screaming the entire time! Nate eventually had to hold her head for me! It's not the most even haircut I've ever given but it sure looks cute! The Grinch just started about an hour ago and we let Em watch the first few minutes! She was smiling and laughing at the Grinch and wanted to kiss Ciny Lou Who (aka her twin)! It was a fun day at the Sharp house indeed!