Friday, June 24, 2011

a mother's love

Yesterday one of my friends from my mom's group at church lost her daughter. She was just 2 months older than Emmalyn. She had a seizure at the babysitters house and they life flighted her to children's hospital. There was too much brain swelling and she stayed unconscious on life support for a few hours before she died. Katie, her mom has not left my mind since I heard the news yesterday. Her daughter, Verra was not sick at all before the incident. Emmalyn played with her every Wednesday night and though she doesn't know what happened my heart is just so sad. She was just like any other little one, full of happiness and life. Just writing this and remembering her little face brings tears to my eyes. There are so many things in life that seem so hard to understand, loss of an innocent child has got to be the hardest one for me.
So, that being said, today I am overwhelmed with great sadness for my friend but also feeling wonderfully blessed and full of pure joy when I look at Emmalyn smiling at me. There are no words to describe a mother's love and perhaps Emmalyn like myself won't know how much I love her until she becomes a mother one day (God willing.) For however long God allows me to be a mother to my children I will be eternally grateful that in my life I got to experience the feeling of real, unconditional, pure love.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pics for post below

Days leading up to summer!

Once again, it's been awhile and so much excitement has happened that I haven't had time to sit and blog about it (or maybe wanted to due to the incredible weather!)
Lets see... our garden is in, growing and some things have already been enjoyed at our dinner table. Our lovely greens (kale, spinach and romaine) have all been quit tasty in our daily dinner salads. This year we planted the greens I just mentioned, zucchini, carrots,green beans,broccoli, cucumbers, onion, 3 kinds of tomatoes, 4 kinds of peppers and lots of herbs. I just love growing our own food! Emmalyn has been extremely helpful in the garden and pruning (or should I say picking) my flowers! She loves her garden! When it's all been watered and weeds have been pulled she throws a fit when it's time to walk away. She helped Nate redo the flower bed pavers and mulch. She has practically been living in her new sandbox and little wading pool! It's our version of the beach this year! ha!

We have also enjoyed some fun times at Pa and T's house! Emmaly LOVES her Pa and T!!

For quit some time now Nate and I have been looking to invest in some bikes (Lancaster has an awesome bike path!) We decided this week we would get them after waiting 2 years! Although, before we did Nate had the brilliant idea of getting the 1960's old Schwinn bike down from the rafters in our garage. It has been hanging there since we bought the house, and used to be his mom's bike when she was younger. I thought surely this bike was so ancient it would just completely fall apart when we got it down. Well, it didn't! We washed it up, Nate adjusted and tightened up a few things, greased the chain and took it for a test run! I wish you all could have seen it! It was quit possibly the funniest thing I'd seen in years! I laughed so hard I practically peed my pants! It rode perfect (minus a few creaking sounds) and so we decided to go get Em a seat for the back. We went on our first family bike ride and I think we had just as much fun as Em did! It was such a fun night, Em even loves wearing her helmet!

It just seems like time is flying by so fast! Em is getting so big and just talking away! Our sitter says she just like one of the boys! She is as rough and wild as they are and when I drop her off all the boys yell "EMMY!!" It's so cute but started to bother Nate a bit when the sitter told me that after naps on Friday she woke up and wanted to see "the boys" and ran and gave each one a kiss and a hug! haha! I guess we are going to have to keep a very close eye on this little love bug!
She just looks so big and come December is probably going to look even bigger when our new little addition arrives! I am starting my 14th week today and feeling so good! week 5-9 was a little tiring but after that I got my energy back and I am feeling better than my normal self(as I did with Em.) Nate says this one has got to be a boy with all the eating I am doing! This is the only difference I can tell between the two pregnancies... I am hungry all the time, and not always for "healthy" food! After gaining 7 lbs in the first 12 weeks I decided I better stop and start exercising just a little harder! All of the appointments have been great with a fast heart rate and all tests coming back perfect.
Speaking of babies... We are so excited to have another addition to the Knisley girl clan! Our beyond beautiful niece Elliana arrived May 31 and we couldn't be more excited for her Mommy and Daddy!

Well, I think that's it... o, except we just found out that Nate's job is no longer in jeopardy. The fire department was granted their "safer grant" on June 3! Which means they are not going to be allowed to lay anyone off for the next 3 years, at least! Lets hope that by 2014 the economy will have turned itself around!