Friday, August 28, 2009

Landscaping duty

After we returned home from the Indians game on Monday, we of course had to get right back to working on the house (two days off was just too much) hahaha!!! We had taken out two bushes from a flower bed in our backyard before we moved in. Monday the other two came out!!! First time around Nate sawed and pulled for hours trying to get these fifty year old bushes out! This time he got a little smarter... pulling them out with the car! Much faster I must say! This is going to make a great spot for my herb garden next spring.

Cleveland Indians Game

Last weekend Nate and I went to our annual Indians game. This was his birthday gift from me because he for one, loves baseball and two, loves the Indians. They haven't really had a great season this year but it seems every year we go to a game they win! They played against the Mariners so Nate got to see his childhood idol Griffey Jr. play. We stayed in the gateway district as usual so we could walk to the stadium. We enjoyed a beautiful 73 degree, sunny day from our terrific seats right behind home plate! After the game we had dinner at Flannerys pub. It was fun to get away for the weekend and the baby enjoyed it's first Indians game! Kicking, squirming, and rolling practically the entire game!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

7 months and growing!!!

This post is for Heather and Megan... the "baby bump" pictures you have been requesting are here! Feeling good but don't see how it can get bigger (though I know it will). It's been a great pregnancy so far and I love it! Still feeling like it's a boy but we will see very soon. The countdown is on!!!!

Birthday dinner at Buca Di Beppo

Nathan and I posing for a pic as he eats his birthday cupcake.. compliments of Buca!
Dad, Soph, and Richard having fun

the soon to be married couple just before our delicious dessert

mom and Hay laughing at Nathan blowing out his candles

what a big mouth!

the singing made Nate nervous I think! hahaha

At Nathans request we ate at Buca downtown last night for his birthday. It was so fun to have the family together...Heather, Jeremy, and Annie we missed you :( We ordered entirely too much food but everything was delicious and we all had a great time! Nathan got some really great gifts, including a large collection of craftsman power tools from mom and dad, a new push mower from Matt and Stef, and a Lowes gift card from the Ash family!!! What a spoiled guy! He says he is in "man heaven". He couldn't wait to get home from dinner to play with his new toys! I think mom and dad created more of a monster than they realize! Thank you mom and dad for my new competition. Hahah! Nathans birthday is actually Wednesday, turning the big 27! Stay tuned for some new pics of Nate and his power tools!

Our updated home

crib and crib sheets... dr. suess themed nursery

master bedroom

living room... my favorite and finished first room


kitchen accent wall view

our new pantry... built by Nathan

brand new dining room stairs. made by Nathan, stained and sanded by me

dining room entry to kichen

additional dining room view

new wood floors... installed by Nathan

our great countertops... installed by Nathan himself (some of my help, not much though)

my lovely stove

more kitchen pics

laundry room

upstairs bathroom

more views of the living room

living room

additional view of the master bedroom

Here are some long awaited pictures of our new home. There are still things (some big, some small) that still need finished but here is our progress so far. Look back at our previous posts to see how much this house has really changed. What a long process, but worth it to finally call something "ours." We will be posting basement updates soon. The drywall is getting the finishing touches. Enjoy the updates so far!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where did the time go?

I apologize to all our fellow blog followers for not posting in well, quit some time. Our computer tower got ruined in the move and left us unable to download pics or post. Sorry there are no pics here yet, we are trying to get pictures transferred asap! Our summer has been filled with lots of changes, some exciting and some marriage threatening (ha, just kidding). We are finally starting to "nest" in our new home. There are still many, many projects to finish but we are taking it a day at a time. Baby Sharp or "flea" as my friends call it....(long story) is doing very well. Last appointment heart rate was 150 and both of us healthy (mama especially, gaining 6 lbs in 4 wks) due to ice cream 5 nights a week!!! I'm just about to start my 3rd and final trimester and we already can't wait to meet our little one! I am getting kicked about 20 out of the 24 hours in a day and the restless nights of sleep have begun! I am getting sympathy back rubs for it though! Stay tuned for our 3D picture of the baby, that has to be said looks just like it's father with my chubby cheeks! Pictures of the house will be posted soon too.