Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"C" is for cookie

As we have mentioned in previous posts, Emmalyn is some what of a picky eater. She tends to gag and vomit many foods that we try to give her! It has become somewhat frustrating because it seems every other baby around us is practically eating just about everything! We have stuck with baby foods and anything that can be mushed up! If it has any kind of weird texture to Emmalyn, you better believe it's coming right back up! This being said... the other night Nate and I were having an after dinner treat. One that only comes out during the holidays at Trader Joe's. Joe Joe's candy cane chocolate cookies! If you haven't tried them I suggest you do! They're so good, and apparently we aren't the only one's who think so! Emmalyn snatched up a cookie so fast we had no time to stop her before it was in her mouth! I guess she has been playing Mommy and Daddy for a fool with her other foods because as crunchy as that cookie was, she had it down as quick as she grabbed it!

Monday, November 22, 2010

yule tree to be

Last Christmas the Sikora's got Emmalyn her very own Christmas tree! Not a grown Christmas tree but seeds to plant for one in the future! It was such a cool gift, I couldn't wait to plant it this year! We could've started it indoors but I took the easy route and waited until the conditions were right to plant directly outside!

So, today while Emmalyn took a long nap (just found out that she has yet another double ear infection)we did some fall yard clean up and planted her "yule tree to be!" We marked it so we would remember in the spring where it was.

Thanks again Sikora's for a great gift! I can't wait to see it grow (hopefully) and be able to tell Emmlayn that we planted it on the year she turned one! It will bring great memories each year we watch it grow!

Friday, November 19, 2010

to:Heather from:Heidi

Hope you have as much fun as we did "sweeping" out the old Christmas stuff! Happy decorating!

Monday, November 8, 2010

remodel cont.

In the midst of party planning and Em's birthday somehow we also found time to almost finish our office! Minus a few trim out pieces,painting the closet doors and attaching a mantle it is done! We are done remodeling ourselves for a very, very, very long time! The only part of the house that needs finished now is the bathroom in the basement! We will not be attempting that ourselves! Thank goodness!!!!! I have to say Nathan is really amazing and has surprised me every day with his handyman skills! Nathan did about 90% of the office all by himself (all I did was paint, decorate and assist when needed.) It is so nice to finally have things done and be able to sit back and enjoy our own little cozy home!

1 year old!!!

I am a little overdo on this post but we have been very busy! Our apologies!

Emmalyn is 1 year old! 1 year old... I still can't believe it! It in some ways has flown by and in others has seemed like forever. She is cruising around the furniture quickly but is still not ready to let go. She is still very tiny, weighing in at a whopping 17.5 lbs! She as you know has finally got some teeth (no more than two still) and wants nothing to do with "real food!" She gags herself and throws up most things we try to give her. She is still wants an afternoon nap bottle and a bedtime bottle. I don't think she is ready to let that go quit yet (or maybe I am not ready!) haha! The poor thing has been sick for about 10 days now so her birthday was filled with naps and a runny nose :(
Her big birthday party was yesterday. She got so many cool gifts! She is enjoying them all very much today! I do think the balloons are her favorite for now though... go figure! The party was great! All the aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins were there! Erin made two wonderful cakes for Emmalyn! Em had her own Elmo smash cake and we also had a sesame street sheet cake (my pic of that didn't turn out for some reason.)They were so cute and tasted even better! Thank you so much Erin!!! And thank you everyone for your generous gifts! She loves them all!!
Cold aside, Em is keeping us moving nonstop and is just so full of happiness and love! She kisses everything and I mean everything in sight!!! She is such a busy body but also loves to cozy up! There is just no greater blessing than her! She is pure sweetness and we say everyday that she proves that God's grace is real!