Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas cookie baking

As you all know from previous posts, Em loves to bake now. She does quit well with the dumping and stiring parts and does especially well with the clean up. Although she is typically wiping down the counter with a towel before we are even done! ha! We made cookies for Emmalyns babysitter last night for Christmas. Em proudly handed them to her today and said "I make Lisa cookies!" with complete excitement! So cute! O and ps Aunt Stef...She knows now when it's time to bake she goes to the pantry to get her little apron!

the big 30!

Sunday I celebrated a new decade! 30! Seems weird. I told Nate I feel more like 25. I don't know if that's good or bad! haha! Nate and Em surprised me with a balloon, a starbucks coffee, cards, and a new camera! Even though he promised he wouldn't be doing any gifts I was grateful all the same. We hung out around the house in our jammies until the afternoon. Nate and I watched my new movie "the help" while the kids napped. I finished the book in the summer but never got to go to the movies to see it (imagine that.) Then it was off to J Gilberts in Worthington for a family dinner. I got some more great and useful gifts from the fam and had a peaceful dinner while Evie slept by the fireplace in her carrier the entire time. It was a lovely day!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Genevieve is 1 month old

Today Evie turns 1 month old! It's been quit a whirlwind of a month but I think things are finally starting to settle in. With Emmalyn acting out, Genevieves sickness that lead to 2 days in childrens hospital to double ear infections now with Emmalyn it's safe to say things have been a little crazy around here. Evie is finally on the mend from her severe cold and congestion. She is getting her days and nights in order and eating better too! However, she does not like to be left alone or to be put down! She screams and cries when you try to do anything without her. She has such a sad little face. Her heart gets broken very easily! Unlike Emmalyn who could care less about anything. I have a feeling Evie will be my compliant child (even though she has a temper!) She likes to scream quit loudly when she isn't getting her way...Nate calls it "the shrill." That indeed it is! She is a great baby overall and does enjoy time on the floor playing with Emmalyn. Emmalyn enjoys it equally as well. Em is very good with her still, talking to her, covering her up, wanting to change her diaper, and giving her LOTS of kisses all day long. Evie is nursing every 3-3 1/2 hours at night but tends to be a "snacker" during the day, eating every 2 hours or less! It gets to be quit exhausting but I am working on stretching it out! Seems to be working as long as we can stand a few rounds of crankiness. All in all looking back to 4 weeks ago we have all come a long way.

At Evies 1 month appt. today she was 7 lbs and 12 oz. 20 inches long and in the 25th percentile for weight and height doing well on the curve scale! The doctor says she's very petite just like her sis and is doing very good considering her recent illness. Now if we can get Emmalyn feeling better all we be right in the Sharp house!