Wednesday, September 28, 2011

our star athlete

We have been taking advantage of the nice evenings together. Bike rides, trips to the park, coloring with chalk and now learning how to play soccer! I think Nate was more excited than Em when he got her a kiddie soccer goal and ball the other day. Em shows a lot of athletic potential. She dances very well on her toes, can catch balls well, tries to do all sorts of gymnastics, and now can kick a soccer ball into a net! Her hand/foot/eye coordination is surprisingly really good! (That among most things with Emmalyn did not come from me!)
She loves it! Especially when she scores (because of course we make a huge deal of it!)
Here she is in the back yard perfecting her skills. Sometime getting inside the net herself is just as fun to her!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

stay at home mom? harder job than expected!!!

Emmalyn and I have been spending quit a bit of time together recently due to my new schedule change. I had decided to drop my work schedule down to 2 days. In my mind I was thinking, "this will be great, less travel to Columbus, less babysitter pay, and I'll get to spend more time with Em before the baby comes!" Well, after 2 weeks of the new schedule I have decided to pick back up a 3rd day! Apparantly I am no good at being a stay at home mom! I could tell Em was already sick of me, defying my every rule, and just asking for trouble! Not caring if she got spanked (in fact made me cry instead of her)and just testing her boundries every second of the day!! Trying to find things to do on a very very tight budget(due to Nate's expected layoff date of Oct. 10)is harder than I thought! Heather, I could have used your crafty, imaginative brain! So with much guilt but more relief than anything I have decided to stick to 3 days!

Here we are trying to stay busy by making our own play dough! It was actually kind of fun and Em helped put in the food coloring. It was a nice change from coloring, playing in the sandbox and building blocks!!