Monday, October 17, 2011

maternity and Emmalyn 2 year pictures!

This weekend was an event we had been looking forward to for awhile. The time was finally here to do maternity pics again. The timing was perfect to do Emmalyn's 2 year photos as well since her birthday is only 2 weeks away! I asked Kelsey (Lloyd) Throne to take our pictures for us! She did a wonderful job and I couldn't be more excited and pleased with the results! She even got our editing and pics back to us on a cd within 24 hours!!! Here are just a FEW of our faves

Thank you Kelsey! You did an amazing job!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

fall fun!

Over the weekend Emmalyn got to enjoy some outdoor fall fun! On Saturday we spent the day with Hayley and the girls at the Cirlce S farm in Grove City. Later, we celebrated Hayley's bday with food and an ice cream cake. As always the girls had a great time together and Em did not want to leave! She tried to get cozy in Laynie's bed. Curling up with Laynie's blankets and reading books with Sophie! A sleepover is coming soon!
On Sunday we went to the opening of the Fairfield County fair. She enjoyed some of the animals...not the goats or cows for some reason at all! Her favorite was the bunnies! We had to visit the barn a couple times before leaving. She was actually brave enough to pet a couple that were out of their cages! She got to ride the cars with her cousin Olivia and help us eat some crazy taters! There was a huge slide that Nate insisted that they go down. I think she would have enjoyed it more if Nate hadn't hit her head on the canopy up top before they came down! She was crying very hard before they even took off. Half way down in a burlap sack she stopped crying and realized she was on a slide and almost cracked a smile. By the time they got to the bottome she was not a happy girl at all! She must have thought she was big stuff after she settled down though because she kept bragging that she went down the "big slide!"

Monday, October 3, 2011

23 months and some other stuff...

Today we start the countdown to 2 years old! I can't believe my little (onery) angel is going to be 2 in a matter of weeks!! I find myself just staring at her these days, realizing how big and grown up she is getting. She is repeating everything and loving time with mommy and daddy! Nate has the week off due to important things going on so we are getting to spend some much needed quality time together! Yesterday, Emmalyn was dedicated at our church. It was something that we had wanted to do for awhile and the timing just seemed right. Mom, Dad, Matt, Stef and baby Ellie were there to witness it. It was a very special day in our lives as parents. Looking forward to the day she decides for herself to be babtized. Nate will be taking the Chillicothe firefighter test on Wednesday and has already been offered a postition at Grant hospital as an ER medic! Perfect timing, as Nate's last day at Lancaster is Saturday. God has really answered our prayers! Now we wait to hear about insurance! Hopefully some way the labor and delivery will be covered! Keep the Sharp family in your prayers! As we anticipate the arrival of our second little angel we are enjoying our last few weeks of Emmalyn being the only child. I think she knows her sister is arriving soon.. lately when we ask if she has a baby sister she simply replys "NO!" Hopefully the transition will go smooth!