Monday, April 18, 2011

breathing treatments and potty training

What a day it has been...
Emmalyn developed a cold late Thursday night and into Friday. It seemed like any ordinary cold, despite coughing all through the night on Friday. She woke up Saturday and still just a runny nose and a little coughing. Sunday it progressed into an extremely runny nose and a lot harder cough with a little bit of weezing. By this morning she was running a temp of 100 and was noticeably struggling to breath. We decided to not take our chances on this one and call the doctor!
We are so glad that we did because after examining her the doc decided she was going to need several rounds of breathing treatments! We were all hoping not to end up in the ER!! Before the doctor even came in to see Emmalyn she had worked herself up (plus I am sure the drainage in her stomach didn't help) enough to vomit all over the room! The doctor came in and said she heard it splat from across the hall :( Our poor little girl just can't get over her gagging/puking!
We started with the first round of treatments which turned into the struggle of a lifetime! Nate had to hold her down while I had to somehow keep the mask over her face for 7 minutes! It was so heartbreaking! I think she thought we were trying to kill her! She was not happy in the slightest. After the 7 minutes that seemed like an hour the doc came in to examine her breathing again and decided she indeed needed another treatment. By this time Em was completely out of physical strength from fighting us in the first round that she literally almost passed out during the second! Much easier on mom and dad this time!
After she was finished the doctor said her lungs were clear but her breathing was still visibly strained. She sent us home with our own breathing treatment and steroids to give her. She is still fighting hard to get her breath but is at least napping peacefully right now.

On a better note.. Em started "sort of potty training" on Friday! She was showing interest as I mentioned before and indeed is very much excited about it!
We have her in a diaper (because I am not getting to serious until June) and she lets us know when she has pee pee in there. She calls her potty a "pot pot" and seems to know exactly what it is used for. Sunday morning when she woke, I went in to get her and she was pulling at her diaper saying "pot pot." I asked if she wanted to use the potty and she said "uh huh." So I took off her diaper and sat her down. We sat for about 3 minutes, talking and singing and before I knew she was pee peeing in her potty! Of course I made a huge deal about it and we dumped her pee pee in the toilet as she said "bye bye pee pee!" Possibly luck, I was thinking, because throughout the day we attempted the potty a few more times and... nothing. However, this morning she did the same thing with her diaper and we sat on the potty, waiting and singing, this time for about 2 minutes and she did it again!! This time Nate was home to see it so he knew I wasn't kidding from the day before.
So, needless to say there has been a lot of excitement in the Sharp house this weekend! Keep Em in your prayers that her breathing gets better soon. It is so sad to see her little belly and chest pulling so hard to breath :(

Monday, April 11, 2011

What we have been up to

I was laying in bed last night with a horrible headache, with a million thoughts running through my head. One of them being..."gosh, I haven't blogged in like a month or even looked at blogs for that matter!" So, here I am for a quick recap of the last month.
Emmalyn has surprisingly gained a couple pounds due to her finally eating new things and asking for more!! Yeah! This is a HUGE deal in our house!!! She is talking so much and increasing her vocabulary every single day. Some of the things she is saying now are Mommy, Daddy, coco(blanket), go go(Diego), thank you, okay, yes, uh huh, no no no, juice, ducky, bubbles,night night,bye bye, hi, roary(dog), puppy, kitty, apple, teddy, backpack, ball, shoes, coat,bow,snacky,uh o, T, Pa, Mimi(Sammie our cat), baby, bottle, cookie(possibly her favorite word),dip(ketchup or hummus), Ming Ming(from the wonder pets), knee(she now knows every body part!) I am pretty proud of that one!
I am telling you, this girl is non stop, ecstatically happy 95% of the time, and just a complete joy to be around! She loves being outside. She wants to be outside even if it's freezing cold. She loves the window down in the car so the wind blows her hair. She asks where Daddy is when he's away and where Mommy is when I am gone. She likes to get up and down off the couch and flip through all the magazines on the coffee table. She loves to be in Mommy and Daddy's bed and make Tee's (tents) under the covers. She can get off the bed but can't quit get up yet. She loves "cooking in the kitchen with me and wrestling with Daddy. She is also learning to dress and undress herself. Still no interest in walking but will when SHE feels like it. She has learned her love of sweets (ice cream, cookies, and M&M's)just like her Mama!
I am thinking of doing a little pre- pre potty training soon. She is definitely showing an interest in the toilet and when Mommy goes pee pee. This morning she was being very quiet in her playroom as I was putting laundry away in her room. I went in to check on her and with a confused face, she pointed to her diaper and said "uh o!" I asked her if she pooped and she said "uh huh!" We went to the bookstore today and purchased "Once upon a potty for girl" I may be jumping the gun but I figured if she knows when there's poop it's time for me to start talking about it at the least! Wish me luck!

As for Nathan and I, we have just been doing more projects around the house. Lots of yard work (thanks to these past few beautiful days) and planning out our garden. We will begin planting our leafy greens and broccoli this weekend! Can't wait!
That's about it for the Sharp household. Hopefully I can find more time to keep you all updated and keep myself updated on everyone too!