Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A cousins influence!

At Easter this year Emmalyn picked up on her cousin Laynie sucking her thumb. Ever since, Emmalyn has been doing the same! It seems to be more with each passing day and she's using her pacifier less and less. (not that she was that into it in the first place.) We catch her in the car going to sleep sucking her thumb, in her swing sucking her thumb, in her crib sucking her thumb and just about every other time in between! It's so cute and kind of nice that if we forget a pacifier there is always a permanent one already there!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our little roller!

Here's our litte rollie pollie girl! She is so excited now that she can move all by herself. We are just as excited as she is but it sure does make it more difficult to change a diaper now!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Got my toes!!

future pilates instructor ???

Emmalyn had discovered her feet prior to these pictures but had never quit figured out she could pull them up and suck on her toes! She has everything and I mean everything in her mouth! I guess this is just another thing to put "in the mouth!"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Relaxing days under the umbrella

This is Emmalyn's new shade umbrella! Since we don't have any trees in our yard (yet), this is what we decided to do until we do get some. Emmalyn loves being outside with us and watching us mow. She would play all day in her exersaucer if we would let her skip naps! She even eats her meals outdoors with us.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Multi-tasking Mommy

When there are things to do around the house that desperately need done and I don't want to part from Em here's what we do. She loves helping me fold laundry (rather re soaking the laundry) and loves her rides around the house in the basket! Don't worry Mom, I only go up the stairs with her in the basket... usually!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The night before Easter

We celebrated Emmalyn's 1st Easter the night before because Nate had to work on Easter. The Easter bunny brought her Easter outfit and sandals, some onesies, a Peter Cottontail dvd, and a book. She was really fussy so she wasn't too impressed with her basket. It was a great day all the same!


Emmalyn's Easter romper

my tulips bloomed Easter day!
Sophie helping Emmalyn read her new book.

All Emmalyn's new clothes from Pa and T
Emmalyn and Laynie posing for a pic
Emmalyn was sacked out for several hours from all the excitement!

I know Easter is almost a week behind us but I just got the chance to post some pictures from our day! Sorry it took me so long Heather! I promised I would post pictures. I'll be better with the next holiday!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

5 months old!!!

Emmalyn sure has been keeping us busy this month. She has rolled over a couple times on her own but still mostly assisted by Nate or myself. She is loving her banana oatmeal as you saw in the most recent blog. She gets better with it every day. We went to Bob Evans for breakfast yesterday and it was the first time she didn't fuss, cry, or scream while we were trying to eat! She actually played in her carrier and ate her breakfast (oatmeal) while we were there! It was such a treat! She is gabbing up a storm, sometimes just to herself. She is starting to have a big problem with separation from Mommy and Daddy! She is fine in public as long as we are in her sights. However, if anyone tries to hold her she has a huge issue with it!!! She cries her big tears and looks at me like "help me Mommy!" It breaks my heart. She seems to have a problem with big crowds in small places as well. Her babysitter Karmen tried to take her to her son's Easter egg hunt and they had to leave immediately because Em was screaming and crying! We felt terrible but what can you do? She was fine once they got back in the car... of course. So, I guess she has to get over a few minor developmental things but we are sure it will pass one day... we hope!!! She is looking forward for the Easter bunny to be hopping along tonight and to visit T and Pa's tomarrow. I only hope the number of people isn't too much for her so I can enjoy Easter as well!