Wednesday, March 16, 2011

our trip to Texas

We just returned home yesterday from the great state of Texas! We had a wonderful time with the Sikora Family! Em had so much fun with her cousins (mostly Millie) due to Annie's illness. We got to see the famous River Walk and Alamo, eat some great Tex Mex food and just kick back and relax. Heather and Jeremy took great care of us, providing diapers, wipes, food, even a tooth brush for Em. Sea world was a fun day, visiting with all the Sesame Street characters. Everyone thought Emmalyn would be scared but since Elmo has been her "little take along buddy" for quit some time now she seemed to at least tolerate them! Elmo was her favorite and Big Bird her least favorite. Big was rather tall so I think that he intimidated her! The aquarium with the sharks was a favorite as well. My favorite was getting to spend some "kid free" time with Heather all day on Saturday. I didn't know what to do with myself! ha! I think Nate liked his pizza night out with Jeremy the best! He won in several dart games..or so he brags! He also enjoyed watching Jeremy dig out a sprinkler head from their lawn! All in all it was a wonderful vacation for us and many memories we will cherish forever! Plus Emmalyn's first time on an airplane! It has to be said that miraculously she was perfect both there and back on the plane!
Thank you Heather, Jeremy, Annie, and Millie for a great time!!