Thursday, October 29, 2009

MONSTEROUS dusty millers!

Yes, this is one individual plant... crazy huh?!!!

The scary thing at our house this Halloween is our GIGANTIC dusty millers that we planted this spring! I don't know what was in the soil but these dusty millers loved living in our back flower bed. The roots on these plants were crazy, almost tree-like. We unfortunately had to pull them up for the winter, and the fact that they were killing my clematis!

This one's for you DAD!

The beautiful tree that caused all the leaves to blow into our yard! The colors in our neighborhood are so magnificent!
cleaning the gutters out for winter

I personally love the leaves in the yard but Nate does not so he blew off the driveway and yard!

Nate had some fun today doing what dad does best... using a leaf blower! I see what they mean when they say girls marry men most like their fathers. I never thought that was true until we bought this house, now I know it's true!!!

12 days and counting!!!

Yesterday was our 38 week doctors appointment. 60% thinned out and starting to dilate. Gaining 1lbs. and blood pressure still doing great! Dr. Parker says "any day now." I was thrilled to hear the news of my strep B test results came back negative, so natural delivery plans are still able to happen! Everything is going perfect except for the fact that we are growing impatient to meet our little one! Everyday for about a week I think.... today is the day, this is it! Everyday so far baby Sharp has had other ideas! Everyone is predicting Halloween, I guess we will have to see if baby is up for it.