Thursday, March 15, 2012

4 months!

Tomarrow Evie will be 4 months old! I will be rather busy with my first day at a new salon so I'm posting a day early!

She is growing so much and sooo fast! She is laughing at Em a lot and is officially rolling over on purpose. We haven't seen back to belly but belly to back almost every night and morning when she wakes up! She just laughs, and smiles all the time, except when she's in her car seat! She doesn't mind wants the car gets up to 60mph speed but in town driving is no fun! She screams and gets so mad! She had cereal for the first time yesterday and ate it all like a champ! She seems to be much hungrier these days. She is mostly still getting up once a night but sometimes goes a couple days in a row sleeping the entire night! She always falls right back to sleep with no problem! She enjoys her exersaucer but is still just kind of leaning forward in it for now. She hates poopy diapers and waiting for her bottle. When she's hungry, she's hungry and you better have it NOW! I am interested to see how much she has grown. Her appointment is April 4 with a new family doctor we found in Lancaster. Time is flying by with #2. I am savoring every moment that I get to hold her, knowing she will soon be off and crawling, walking and being independent like her big sis! It looks like baby #3 is not on Nate's agenda so knowing this may be the last baby time is kind of sad. She really is a sweetie! When you see her smile and hear her giggle it is so beautiful! Can't wait for those of you who haven't met her yet to see her in person!


Pa & T said...

Enjoy that little cutie pie!

J, H, A, M and O said...

Goodness, she is cute!